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The Power of the Web...

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We'll Produce a Powerful Client Generating Website for You!

Every day on the Internet, thousands of people look for massage professionals in their local area. Let me give you some concrete numbers to prove my point...

Online research tools allow us to determine a relatively accurate number of searches for various key words that people enter into search engines. For example, approximately 74,000 searches were made for the term "Toronto massage" in the month of November 2008. The average monthly volume was also 74,000 searches, so one can conclude an estimated 888,000 searches per year. This does not include searches for related terms like "Toronto massage therapy" (November 2008: 3,600) or "Toronto massage therapist" (November 2008: 1,600).

Why do people type "massage Toronto" into a search engine? Because they are looking for massage in Toronto.

"I have been using the Client Generator website for many years now and I can say that I am very impressed. My clients all enjoy the newsletters very much and get great information from the content. I was also impressed with the fact that within a very short period of time, my website was ranking in the top 3 on the search engines--always a great bonus in attracting new clients. Being somewhat techno challenged I also really appreciate how quickly and effectively any questions or concerns I may have are addressed. I highly recommend to any therapist or practitioner looking to increase and/or maintain an effective practice."

April Farrall
White Rock, British Columbia

And the results are going to bring up websites of various massage therapists in Toronto.

How would you like to be at the top of that list? How would you like to be the first website they open? How many new clients would you likely see each month as a result? How many additional gift certificates could you sell in a year? How would those additional sales impact your income by the end of the year? How much less stress would you have worrying about money?

You may think I'm hyping this up. And I may have thought that too. But several years ago I was doing research for an e-Marketing workshop and I was reviewing various massage therapist websites when I stumbled upon an unattractive one page site. It was pretty unremarkable except for the "stat counter" at the bottom of the page that read "21,906 visits".

I was shocked! I didn't believe it at first, so I monitored the website. And sure enough, the number of visitors increased at a very consistent rate with hundreds and hundreds of visitors landing on that site each month, month after month.

And what struck me as amazing was that this was not like advertising where people stumbled across your ad by accident. People visiting this website were actively looking for a massage professional. The only question they were asking themselves was, "Who am I going to book an appointment with?"

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How Would You Like 21,906 People Who Want Massage To Find You?

That's where we can help! We are experts at what is known as search engine optimization and visitor conversion.

What that means for you is that we will help you make sure that your website ranks as high as possible with all search engines to get the absolute maximum number of visits possible by people actively looking for a massage professional in your area. Not only that, we'll utilize advanced direct marketing mechanisms and conversion techniques to ensure that as many visitors as possible actually take action and call you to book an appointment.

You want a website that not only looks professional, but that works to get you customers and increase your sales. And that's exactly what the Client Generator is designed to do.

And we do it all for you. Every aspect of preparing and managing your website, from setting up a domain name, writing sales copy and formatting the website, to creating and sending a monthly client newsletter and running online advertising campaigns.

All for a small monthly subscription fee of only $59 (higher in major metropolitan areas).

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To have a writer, graphic designer, programmer and webmaster create and manage a website like this for you would likely cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 plus monthly administrative fees.

What you get...

You get not just a website, but a proven system for generating business online. You get:

Keyword research to determine the exact search phrases people are using to find massage therapy services in your city
A three to four page website depending on the results of our keyword research
Powerful sales copy custom written for you specifically and that is designed to compel visitors to take action
Pictures to enhance the look of your site and to help visitors identify with you
A warm audio greeting from you to welcome visitors to your site and begin the process of creating trust
A strong offer to encourage visitors to provide their email address for follow up and to encourage them to book their appointment immediately
"Refer a friend" functionality to encourage referrals
The ability for visitors to request appointments online while they are on your site
Sales copy and hand coded HTML pages optimized for search engine ranking
Negative keyword filtered for 93 inappropriate keywords so that people looking for sex, escorts, body rub parlors in your city don't find your site
An email capture system to sign people up for a newsletter and announcements
A monthly massage newsletter written and sent out for you at the middle of each month
An announcement email sent out at the beginning of each month in which you can notify customers of recent happenings as well as monthly specials, workshops, etc.

In addition, you get powerful administrative control:

Detailed statistics on website activity so you can determine your return on investment
Change the complete look and feel of your site and your client education newsletters at the click of a button
And for a small additional fee, we can customize the look of your site with your own header that includes your existing logo and company colors
Change content that requires frequent updating like hours and fees
Broadcast a special announcement to subscribers each month
Sign up existing clients for a subscription to your newsletter service
Enrolment in the web marketing "Boot Camp" with Sergeant Will B Rankin. This involves short, simple tasks to ensure your website gets to and stays at the top of the search engines
Change a special offer on your home page
Contact individual newsletter subscribers with personal messages
Create a link to your existing website if you have one
Get fast email support if you ever have questions

You get exclusive rights to the Client Generator in your city, so we will never create multiple sites that will compete with yours.

Check for Client Generator availability & pricing in your area

Almost everything is essentially done for you. You'd be hard pressed to find such incredible value for your money.

"Just a quick note of thanks for all the great work you are doing with the Client Generator. There are a lot of us therapists out here who are really trying hard to make an honest living and find our place as healers in the industry. Although modern forms of advertising have helped, what you're doing with the Client Generator allows us to tap into a whole new market. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Joe Sweeney, Massage Therapist
Erie, Colorado

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